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Inappropriate Review & How To Report Them

Inappropriate Review & How To Report Them

What’s acceptable and what’s not! When posting reviews on FYI

Above all FYI represents a wide range voices, opinions, and experiences. Thus, we aim to give users freedom to express their views so long as they are honest. Reviews should be personal with detail, while telling a narrative of an experience. In spite of this, FYI will not hesitate to remove content we believe violates our guidelines. In fact, we welcome your help in reporting questionable reviews. Although reporting a review is not a guarantee we will remove it.

Here are four main reasons why we might remove a review

1 . In short a conflict of interest is apparent in the review

  • It appears they are an affiliate of the business.
  • They’re receiving payment or other incentives for the review.
  • They appear to be a former employee or competitor.
  • They’re promoting the business or a competitor.

2.The review contains Inappropriate material

  • It contains hate speech, lewd commentary, or threatening language.
  • It contains private information about employees or patrons.

 3. Overall the focus seems not to be based on reviewer’s own consumer experience

  • It’s about someone else’s consumer experience.
  • Their response is to a current event in the news.
  • The primary focus is disputing another review.
  • They are talking about a different business.
  • It appears to be plagiarised from another source.

4.The review contains false information

  • It contains Statements that are materially and demonstrably false (not opinion).

In short a conflict of interest is apparent in the review

In the event that we find reviews to have a conflict of interest we will remove them. So reviews must be written by Neutral consumers who have NO vested interest in the business they are reviewing.  Notably it will not be enough to have reviews  removed based on a suspicion of  bias or conflict. Our Content Moderators need to see clear and specific evidence to support conflict of interest claims. So please bear this in mind when you report a review.

Reviews written by but not limited to current or former employees, peers, competitors family or friends. In a word those who have a contingent interest when writing a review will be deemed a conflict of interest. The same as anyone who receives payments or incentives such free meals or coupons. FYI takes pride in being a trusted consumer resource so should you.

In the event that a review contains a conflict or interest, please report it.

The review contains Inappropriate material 

We encourage users to speak in their own words and express their opinions freely. Generally, we don’t shy away from moderate, colourful language. That said, we will not tolerate the use of obscenity, explicit profanities, vulgarity, hate speech or resorting to threats.

As a quick guide: obscenity gets you in trouble with the law. Profanity gets you in trouble with religious folks and The Powers That Be. Vulgarity just gets you in trouble with your mother. So for ease of use, keep everyone happy and keep it clean!

While interpretations of what the above means may differ, to be clear we mean:

Threat: A statement of intent to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action.

Hate Speech: Any communication which is threatening or abusive and has intent to harass, alarm, or distress someone.

In the event that a review contains inappropriate material, please report it.

Overall the focus seems not to be based on reviewer’s own consumer experience

Informed choices make for better decisions. As a result, the best reviews focus on reflecting personal experiences whilst giving the reader key points. Any interaction with a business is fair game therefore, observations made about things such as ambiance; is the place clean; are staff polite, paint a clear picture.

Customer experience and perspectives are important parts in a review. Where we find that the focus strays from this and is little use to prospective customers, we will remove that review. Likewise, a review that focuses on disputing opinions in another review. Hearsay or describing someone else’s experience will be removed. At the same time Plagiarism or reviews posted incorrectly can be harder to identify. But when it is clear a review falls into one of these categories, we will remove it.

Likewise, the posting of full names and addresses shouldn’t be done. With this in mind there are times when the use of full names are acceptable.

In the event  you see a review that doesn’t focus on a personal consumer experience, please report it.

The review contains false information

Having the ability to share opinions frankly is what FYI is all about. However there are certain expectations that come with this. Reviews whether good or bad should report accurately. There is no place for lies, please do not abuse our platform in this way.

Similarly a difference of opinion is just that, you say  tomayto, i say tomahto. We will allow a reviewer to stand behind their review if it is factual and not exaggerated. Be that as it may, there are two sides to a story and we encouraged Business owners to share their side. You can choose to do this publicly in the review or privately by message. Whereas two versions of the truth are apparent, we typically allow both to stand.


In the event a review contains information that violates your legal rights, please report it.

Please read our Content Guidelines before you report a review they contain the reasons why we might remove content. FYI for the most part allows its users to stand behind the content they write for the reason that we are a community driven site. Guideline breaches are serious and we will remove content not up keeping with the purpose of our community.

There are currently two ways to report content firstly you can “Flag Content”. Small Flags are located next to all listings and similarly in all Reviews. Simply Click the flag next to any content you want to report sends a notice to our content moderators. They will assess the content according to our guidelines as a result we will remove content that doesnt meet with our guidelines. Flag content reports are anonymous; we do not advise of the outcome.

The second is to use our Questionable Content form. This is not anonymous in that we may share your concerns with the content author. Using this method, you receive our moderator’s decision by email this can take several days.

Hearing back when you report content depends on how you reported it. If you simply clicked a “Report Content Flag” You will not receive notification of the outcome. Report content flags are in listings and reviews you can make anonymous reports with one click. Hence it is important to read our Content Guidelines.


If you would rather receive an update of the content, you report you will need to fill out our Questionable Content Form. This way you will receive email confirmation of our decision.


If you reported content and haven’t heard back, try these email troubleshooting tips

  • Confirm you are checking the correct email account.
  • Search your Spam and other folders for an email from no-reply@fyionbelize.com.
  • be sure no-reply@fyionbelize.com is in your safe sender list.
  • Lastly check mailbox isn’t full.


If it’s been more than two week since you reported content, please contact our Support team.

FYI does not permit Posting of private information about employees in reviews. Such as full names address or telephone number. Please Report It.


It is ok to use full names in a review under certain circumstance. This includes reviewing professionals where full names are common place, for instance, a doctor, lawyers or realtors.


FYI is a community based on Trust Honesty and Unbiased Content we want to keep it that way.

FYI will generally asks our users to stick to using their own words and experiences in the content they Post. Materials that have been plagiarised are not allowed. However, we respect the fair lawful uses of copyright materials.

If you believe content to be Questionable please include the source were the original content can be located and Report It.

To reflect the most accurate and fair community reviews do not expire. The most relevant or newest reviews about a business always appear first. However, all reviews, regardless of age count towards the overall rating of a business.

As such FYI users may post reviews of past experiences regardless of when they happened.

Our dedicated team of content moderators trained to evaluate content users bring to our attention. As such they make decisions that above all keep content safe and appropriate. Decisions made while they comply with our Content Guidelines will sometimes be tough.

We rarely change a decision once made, But you can always request someone else take a second look. If you feel something you have already reported warrants a second look, please take it up with our Support Team.