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Claiming Your Business Page

Claiming Your Business Page

You found your business on FYI – So what now? NOW! You can claim your your business page and use our free tools to get the best out of FYI. Learn how best to showcase your business online with our help.

If you haven’t already search for your business on FYI on Belize – If you find it then you can simply claim it! *

If there is no option to claim the page:

  • Someone else may have already claimed it
  • It may be pending approval because a claim has already been submitted

*You will receive a prompt for the required information to claim the business when you click on ‘CLAIM IT NOW’. You will need to enter all the requested information then submit it. Once approved we will email you conformation

Claiming or adding other locations

Once you have a business account and have claimed a business page, you can claim or add pages for your additional locations.

Cant find your Business? no problem

If you don’t find your business when you search and you have tried a few variations of its name chances are its not listed. But don’t worry this just means you can add it, adding a business is easy. You just need to fill out your basic details for a free listing or if you want to add more information about your business than a free listing includes just choose a plan.

If your business has additional locations, you are able to claim them all. First of all, you will have to of claimed at least one location. This will upgrade your account from a user to a business one. Then if your other locations are listed you can go ahead and claim them all, if there not you can add them. FYI can then connect all your locations so that if a customer lands on one location but wants to view another this can be done quickly and easily.

There are a few reasons why you may want or need to transfer your claimed page:

  • You have sold the business, and now want to transfer the Page to the new owner
  • You no longer need access to the business account but want someone else to manage the page.

To transfer your business page please make sure that:

  • The business page in question has already been claimed by you.
  • You are able to provide the user and email that connects to The business page.
  • You understand that once you transfer this account you will no longer have access to it.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to transfer your business Page to someone else. Then please contact Our Support Team to guide you through the process.

Once you claim a Business your account automatically upgrades to a business account. As a result, in your dashboard you will see a number of free tools to help you manage your business page. After claiming your page, you can:

Join the conversation with your customers

As a claimed business you can now respond to a review with a direct message or public comment.

Post photos and update business information

Upload photos, create a description about what you do, add a link to your website, and ensure that your hours and contact numbers are up to date.

View customer analytics

Track visitor engagement and customer leads from your FYI dashboard. Easily see your page views, contact leads and reviews in detail. Add your Google Analytics User ID and get even deeper insights.

If you have found your business on FYI on Belize but it doesn’t have a ‘CLAIM IT NOW!‘ link this could be because:

  • The business page may have recently been submitted and is still pending approval.
  • The business page may have already been claimed by one of your colleagues.

For privacy reasons we can not share information on any person who has claimed a business page. If it was not you, reach out to your colleagues to see if any of them claimed the page. If the claimed business belongs to you and you are not the one who has claimed, it and you don’t know who has. We will have to investigate this matter internally in this instant please contact Our Support Team to discuss your options.